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Surgical field after resection



This site is dedicated for pituitary adenomas, including anatomy, physiology of the adenohypophysis, incidence, etiology, pathological anatomy, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, hormonal studies, surgical treatment, standard and modified approaches, indications for surgical treatment, a trial for constructing protocols for treatment strategies, postoperative results  and complications.

Here the following topics are covered:

Adenohypophysis-anatomical and physiologic considerations.
Benign pituitary cysts.
Classification of pituitary lesions.
Cushing's disease & Nelson's syndrome.
Empty sella syndrome.
Endocrine diagnosis in pituitary adenomas and related syndromes.
Imaging of the sellar region.
Lymphoid hypophysitis.
Medical Treatment of Pituitary Adenomas.
Microsurgical anatomy of the sellar region.
Nonsecretory pituitary adenomas
Parasellar granular cell tumours.
Perioperative endocrine management in pituitary adenomas.
Pituitary apoplexy.
Pituitary carcinoma.
Related endocrine and neurologic syndromes.
Transcranial approaches.
Trans-sphenoidal approaches.

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